Kerala, The Spice Route

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Kerala, The Spice Route

Kerala, The Spice Route, from the mountains to the coast, thousands of waterways rub, cross and draw a sumptuous aquatic net. This incredible labyrinth of lagoons, rivers and canals is a fabulous ecological sanctuary that traverse traditional boats, the “kettuvalom”, sometimes transformed into houses, the “house-boats”. We propose a thematic discovery of Kerala with spices as a common thread.

Kerala, The Spice Route

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Kerala, The Spice Route


Kerala, The Spice Route, from Kochi (Cochin) you will reach the Munnar Reserve and its tea plantations (among the highest in the world), before arriving at Elephant Valley, a paradisiacal place where there are coffee plantations, a dense jungle where you can see elephants, waterfalls and traditional villages. Through the mountains we continue towards Periyar. Nature varies between the rainforest that Rudyard Kipling has inspired “The Book of the Jungle”, and the immense spice plantations with their thousand perfumes.

Vembanad Lake

Kerala, The Spice Route, then, you will go to Vembanad Lake, located on the great plain of Palai, surrounded by rice fields and coconut trees until you lose sight of it. Embark on a “house boat” where its charm and comforts combine with the natural beauty of the lagoons and canals.


Kerala, The Spice Route, at last you will discover the Malabar coast, with its white sand beaches and its fishermen on its fragile boats, from where in the past the spices traveled to the west.


Kerala, The Spice Route, in the direction of the western Ghats, we go first through the great plain of Kerala, with its rice fields until you lose your sight. Then we go to Munnar. Visit Munnar, center of the tea plantation trade (among the highest in the world).


Kerala, The Spice Route, Eravikulam National Park and plantations with an English-speaking naturalist guide, exploration of the Eravikulam National Park and tea and coffee plantations. Continue to a totally paradisiacal wild place called “Elephant Valley”, composed of an eco-lodge surrounded by jungle, coffee plantations, waterfalls, traditional villages and wild animals, among which are the elephants. Installation and night in the éco-lodge.

Kerala, The Spice Route, walk through Kottayam through the exuberant landscapes, between rice fields and coconut trees. Transfer to the traditional bungalows placed in the heart of the Kerala countryside and explore spice plantations.

Kerala, The Spice Route, exit along the sides of Lake Vembanad, placed in the center of the plain of Palai, with its rice fields and coconut trees until you lose your sight and find your small quiet villages.

Kerala, The Spice Route

Kerala, The Spice Route, you will embark on a traditional “house-boat”, hosted by the crew composed of the captain, the cook, and the “cabin boy”. Navigation on the canals, lagoons and lakes of Vembanad.

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