Places to Visit in India in Winter

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Places to Visit in India in Winter

Places to Visit in India in Winter, the winter season is always recommended when it comes to tropical regions, with places that can be cold, pleasant, impressive, fun and enjoyable. There are few places like India, that can make you remember and feel an incredible and green winter vacation.

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Places to Visit in India in Winter


Places to Visit in India in Winter, Kerala seems to have been spellbound, its backwaters are filled with water, its flora is exuberant from the rain and its musty aroma envelops the whole panorama. You are in the era where medicinal herbs are in full bloom and it is a real pleasure to enjoy the Ayurvedic Spa. On the other hand, we can not miss the Periya Wildlife Sanctuary, The Silent Valley and other places full of privileged nature. Trivandrum, Alleppey, Munnar and Thekkady are the recommended destinations to visit in Kerala during the winter season.


Places to Visit in India in Winter, a city on the hill that houses colonial-era homes, orchards and the 19th-century church with green roofs of Christ Church, is perfect for a long extended family gathering.

Places to Visit in India in Winter

Jim Corbett National Park

Places to Visit in India in Winter, animals in your mind? Look no further than Jim Corbett National Park in the winter. One of the oldest national parks in the country, Ramnagar is the gateway to Jim Corbett and your best option is to stay in any of the tourist centers that border the park with security to make the most of the desert.

Kasar Devi

Places to Visit in India in Winter, luxury vacation where Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Nehru vacationed? So, this hippie paradise, located near Almora, Uttarakhand, which has been home to several Bohemian artists, writers and Western Tibetan Buddhists is for you. Go for its remote location, beautiful walks and seemingly mystical energy.


Places to Visit in India in Winter, Nainital is practically impossible to have avoided an extended vacation, spending the nights going up and down the overcrowded main street. But as an adult, you can discover that there is much more in the hill station, located in the foothills of Kumaon of the outer Himalayas, than you remember from the memories of a crowded childhood. Avoid the mass market, instead, hide in a remote place and make the most of the idyllic climate. Make sure you visit Lake Naini, which according to mythology is the place where the charred body of Sati Parvati fell on earth while being carried by Lord Shiva, and is home to the Naini Temple and the many libraries that litter the city.


Places to Visit in India in Winter, while Simran may have left the small town of Amritsar to live his life in the great bad world, we urge you to go there to make the most of his epicurean offerings. The locals insist that the water here is sweeter than anywhere else, making the food irresistible, and you, able to consume it in inhuman quantities. In addition to tourist places such as The Golden Temple and Wagah Border, a gastronomic tour of the city is recommended.


Places to Visit in India in Winter, the City of Lakes is infinitely famous for its beautiful sunsets and the incredible winter weather, which is technically a no-brainer. From food to shopping, there is much to do for those who want to avoid the usual tourist traps. And for those who want to hang around and enjoy luxury, we have found an ideal place for you.

Places to Visit in India in Winter


Places to Visit in India in Winter, Goa is a talisman for all sessions of the year. It is the key attraction during the winter season due to the important film festival, end of the year parties on the beach and a great celebration of Christmas. The whole city merges in an atmosphere of celebration and joy, being able to enjoy infinity and variety of celebrations seasoned with exciting nightlife during the winter season.

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