Pushkar Fair 2019

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat
Pushkar Fair 2019

Pushkar Fair 2019, the extensive annual celebration of more than 150 years of age, the Pushkar Camel Fair for its amazing record of diversified photos, reflect the glorious cultural history of Rajasthan. The annual fair held in the sacred land of Pushkar, Ajmer between the weeks of October and November, attracts more than 350 thousand visitors. Anyway, this fair is distinguished for being one of the largest cattle fairs on the planet.

Pushkar Fair 2019

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Pushkar Fair 2019, an amazing 25,000 camel converges in the small desert town of Pushkar, Rajasthan, to attend the fair.

Pushkar Fair 2019, the main and initial objective of the Pushkar Camel Fair was to attract merchants. local camels and cattle to carry out activities throughout the sacred festival of Kartik Purnima, held in Pushkar during the full moon in the Indian lunar calendar month of Kartika.

Pushkar Fair 2019

Pushkar Fair 2019, now, it has become one of the main tourist attractions in recent years, as many other activities are also organized as the camel race with a large cattle trade market. The famous fair attracts thousands of cattle and almost a thousand tourists, including most of the world.

Pushkar Fair 2019, the images of silver bells that make the heart sound the jingles, the animals that walk on the bright sand dunes and the attractive camels adorned with their owners hanging on their backs have become the fascinating norm in this magnificent visit cultural.

Pushkar Fair 2019, the wide-ranging occasion of this Pushkar Camel Fair is undoubtedly an invaluable cure for people who want to see the culture and energetic customs of Royal Rajasthan.

Pushkar Fair 2019, Pushkar Fair The sandy slopes seem to be infested with camels as far as the eyes can see and also the population of Pushkar carries over 400,000 people, using a flow of pilgrims, camel merchants, and even tourists.

Pushkar Fair 2019, Camel racing is undoubtedly the highlight, even though fun beauty competitions involving elaborately shaved and decorated camels can also be fun.

Pushkar Fair 2019, there are temple dances, music festivals of people and combination, patrimonial and spiritual conflicts, along with bazaar of arts and crafts as well. And, clearly, the rational could be incomplete without a mustache contest!

When is the Pushkar Camel Fair held?

Pushkar Fair 2019, Pushkar Fair It depends on the cycle of the moon, but in general, the Pushkar Fair is held in the month of November. Camels are among the main attractions during the first two or three days of the fair, then it becomes the religious festival.

This year, the Pushkar Fair will begin on November 04 and will last until November 12, 2019.

Pushkar Fair 2019, try to arrive here, 1-2 days before, before starting the fair to witness the fair at its best. Camels from different lands can start from around 3-4 days before to be part of the largest cattle fair in the world.

Pushkar Fair 2019, the Pushkar fair is held annually in the sacred land of Pushkar, near Ajmer, located in Rajasthan. Most of the fair actions take place in the fairground, located in the west of the city, near the junction of the Brahma Temple road and the national road no. 89

Pushkar Fair 2019, even the camels also dressed, marched, trimmed and entered beauty competitions, race competition, dance and commerce.

Pushkar Fair 2019

Pushkar Fair 2019, there has even been an enormous jubilation, where several musicians, dancers, acrobats and carousel full of joy are ready to entertain the public.

People visit the festival mainly for the cattle trade and take a dip in the sacred waters of Pushkar Lake to be absolved of their past sins and be released from the bondage of life.

Pushkar Fair 2019, the two days that surrounded the full moon of the month of Kartika were considered as the most prosperous day to absolve the sins by taking a bath in the sacred lake of Pushkar.

Pushkar Fair 2019, it is also believed that all the wishes fulfilled by those who take a holy bath in the lake.

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