Sacred Places of India

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Sacred Places of India

Sacred Places of India, in India, there is an ancestral tradition of pilgrimage to places that even today, are still considered sacred. Nowadays, Hindus continue to travel to the sacred cities, continue to venerate the statues of their favorite deities, take baths in the sacred waters of the Ganges and celebrate wonderful and colorful religious festivals.

Sacred Places of India

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Sacred Places of India, this city, of almost 4000 years of longevity, located on the shore of the magnanimous Ganges is undoubtedly the most sacred of India. Built to celebrate Shiva, one of the main gods of the Hindu triad, it represents the destruction of existence and, likewise, the prospect of a new one. For many Hindus, dying in this divine city is something desirable since it is believed that this fact liberates the soul from a subsequent incarnation.

Sacred Places of India, the immediate attraction for tourists is in the old town where you can find multiple religious buildings, in addition, this part of the city is characterized by picturesque alleys that lead visitors to the Ganges.

Sacred Places of India

Mathura Vrindávan

Sacred Places of India, bathed by the waters of the river Yamuna, this is the city where Krishna is believed to have grown, one of the many incarnations of Vishnu. There is a considerable contrast between Mathura and Benares because it represents the worship of the great End and its consequent renewal, and that is the devotion to life.

Sacred Places of India, as a religious center, in Mathura there are several temples, of which Krishna Janmabhoomi and Dwarkadheesh could be identified as more important. Also, the most popular tourist attractions are the Potara Kund where it is believed that Krishna’s clothes were washed.

Sacred Places of India, the visitor can find countless fairs and festivals. In the months of August to September the day is celebrated in which, according to the Hindu calendar, Krishna was born. The date is commemorated in different ways and everything always turns out to be very colorful. Almost all the temples are decorated in a very striking way and more than fifty different dishes are cooked to offer them to the idols of Krishna.


Sacred Places of India, at the foot of the Himalayas, just where the Ganges begins, Haridwar is an ancient city in which there are immemorial ghats. A place of pilgrimage for many centuries, and benefiting from the belief that the city was blessed by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva at the same time, it is always full of devotees who practice some of the most sacred rituals of their religion. For example, the so-called Kumbh Maha occurs every 12 years here and in these other places: Allahabad, Ujlain and Nashik. On each occasion, around 45 million people gather here.

Memorial to Gandhi

Sacred Places of India, throughout time, India has gained fame for its spiritual nature, which attracts many travelers to make pilgrimages to the places of greatest spiritual charge and with which greater identification achieved. Many of the travelers who come to India, are on a spiritual journey or a search trip. Many belong to the group like New Age, who want to rejuvenate themselves in an environment as charged with emotions and culture as this one.

Sacred Places of India

So we detail below a short list of some of the Sacred Places of India where many people make pilgrimages with different reasons, which can be very interesting for those who are looking for a spiritual journey and renewal to India.

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