Spiritual Retreats in India

By : Renu Shekhawat
Spiritual retreats in India

Spiritual retreats in India, spiritual retreats in India are very popular, and India is a country with an ancestral culture that will undoubtedly give you a new global vision as a human being. So this time we have asked our experts for those places with a special charm to connect with ourselves and forget all that surrounds us, sacred cities and pilgrimage routes that will surprise you. Many times, the words travel and spirituality often go hand in hand.

Spiritual retreats in India

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Spiritual retreats in India, the Amarnath cave is a cult and pilgrim shrine for practitioners of the Hindu religion. Dedicated to the god Shiva, it is believed that this cave is more than 5 thousand years old and that it has played a very important role in ancient Hindu mythology. Location: State of Jammu and Kashmir. Curiosities of Amarnath Yatra: Inside the cave there is an ice stalagmite representing the god Shiva, plus two other formations representing Parvati and the son of Shiva, Ganesha.

Spiritual retreats in India

Vaishno Devi

Spiritual retreats in India, Vaishno Devi Mandir is one of those dedicated to the Mother Goddess, known as Shakti, Mata Rani and Vaishnavi. This wonderful temple is the base for the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Shri Mata Vaishnodevi ji in the famous mountains of the Trikuta Shivalik mountain range, making it the second most visited religious temple in all of India. Vaishno Devi is located near the city of Katra, in the Reasi district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir


Spiritual retreats in India, considered one of the Char Dham, Badrinath is one of the four most sacred cities of Hinduism and represents the northern cardinal point. In this magical city many festivals and fairs are celebrated, in which Mata Murti Ka Mela stands out, where the memory of the mother of Badrinath, the deity that gives its name to the city, is honored.

Rishikesh Haridwar

Spiritual retreats in India, known as the yoga capital, Rishikesh Haridwar is a must for a spiritual trip to India. In addition, this city is holy for practitioners of the Hindu religion as it crosses the river Ganges, a place where thousands of pilgrims arrive to bathe and purify their karma, offer flowers and throw the ashes of the deceased.

Kailash Mansarovar

Spiritual retreats in India, Kailash is a sacred mountain since it is considered the abode of the god Shiva and in addition, the skirts of this impressive mountain, Mansarovar, are also sacred, which makes this place of Tibet a very famous pilgrimage route of good luck and fortune.

Spiritual retreats in India

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