Things to do in Mumbai

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Things to do in Mumbai

Things to do in Mumbai, if one has to choose a city to travel to India in between Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore I would stay with Mumbai. In the mecca of Bollywood, progress and slums come together to form landscapes and scenarios that are difficult to compare. If you follow the letter of the Lonely Planet you are going to stay in the bland Colaba area and you will lose a lot of interesting places that this city hides.

Things to do in Mumbai

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Things to do in Mumbai, anyway, in Colaba you will find the cheapest hostels in the city, so it is worth getting to this area once you set foot in Mumbai. Also, the streets of Colaba will be assaulted by film assistants so that you can go out for an extra in a movie or video clip of Bollywood. Do not miss it, although it is usually lost an entire afternoon, they pay you a few rupees and in passing, you see how you live inside a show of these characteristics.

Things to do in Mumbai, among the most remarkable places in the city we have the British legacy on the Gothic façade of the Victoria Terminus train station. More than a train station, it looks like an authentic Gothic cathedral. In the interior, nothing better than having a tea on the floor and watching the spectacle of a routine day in one of the busiest train stations in the world.

Things to do in Mumbai

Things to do in Mumbai,  Malabar Hill to get to this coastal part of Mumbai, you have to get on the train and get off at Charni Road station. From here you walk until you reach Chowpatty beach. It is interesting to walk along the beach and also try to reach the area where the Parsis are and try to see some Tower of Silence. These are funerary monuments made by this minority sect. These monuments are made with human bodies. The Parsis do not bury their dead but pile the corpses in a pile to be devoured by the vultures. this custom is still performed in Mumbai.

Things to do in Mumbai, if you continue north on Malabar Hill you will arrive at the Banganga Tank. It is a small Varanasi in the interior of Mumbai. It is about one hundred meters long and about forty meters wide. It is surrounded by sinking temples and there are many ghats to reach the sacred water. It is one of the oldest places in Mumbai and every minute that passes is a spectacle for the visitor.

Things to do in Mumbai, Dhobi Ghat can you imagine a laundromat in the middle of a city? Well, that’s the famous Dhobi Ghats of Mumbai. To get there you have to go by train and get off at the Mahalaxmi stop. Here millions of shirts, pants and underwear are cleaned every day. The waters run, seemingly black, around the shacks that do work for thousands of laundresses who surprisingly have a reputation for being the best in their profession. The image of seeing that infinite multitude of clothes extended to the sun is spectacular.

Things to do in Mumbai, Bandra is a beautiful suburb of Mumbai that is also connected by train from the center of the city. It would become a kind of Sant Cugat in relation to Barcelona where money emerges and lifestyle seems to become Western. Even so, the contradictions occur in every street as in any other part of the city. There you have a children’s collection center called Ashray.

Things to do in Mumbai, the island of Elephanta. From the Gateway of India, small boats will take you to this island. It is about 10 kilometers away and the precariousness of the boats already deserves the trip. On the same island, there is a set of temples carved into the rock and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. To reach the caves there is a long path of stairs. Go with good shoes because the area is wet and the earth is very slippery. There are a lot of monkeys around the place so avoid eating food or you will rush. The representations of Shiva inside the caves are very well preserved and the visit is almost one of the essentials in Mumbai.

Things to do in Mumbai

Things to do in Mumbai, among other interesting places you can visit in Mumbai like beach of Juhu where you will see the couples walking and kissing shyly, as well as unforgettable motorcycle rides with Marine Drive.

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