Top best cities in India

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Top best cities in India

Top best cities in India, we hear all the time about trips to India and the term is so standardized that few know and inquire into specific destinations within the country. There are many and very different Hindu cities that can be visited when traveling to the East and that is why today India’s Invitation brings you a list of 10 Top best cities in India that you have to go to. Keep reading and find out about the attractions and characteristics of these incredible Hindu cities.

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Top best cities in India


Agra is one of the Top best cities in India, located on the banks of the Yamuna River and is a popular tourist destination because it is the home of the magnificent Taj Majal. The impressive beauty of this construction already makes a visit to this city worthwhile, but it is also worth noting that apart from this imposing beauty, you can also enjoy buildings such as Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Sikandara, Chini Ka Roza and Daula Itmad-Ud which hide stories.

Top best cities in India



Hyderabad is one of the Top best cities in India, this city is in itself a cauldron that mixes different lifestyles and cultural aspects of India. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, the heritage of Hyderabad focuses on the beauty of the customs and architecture. Also known as “the city of pearls“, it is an important historical site that also has the largest Botanical Garden in India.



Mathura is one of the Top best cities in India, it is known on a cultural level as the city of origin of the Hindu deity known Krishna. It is a center that has a lot of presence of the ancient civilization and for being a city so linked to the religious is a pilgrimage center for the Hindus. As a sacred city, Mathura has year-round visits from all over the world, as well as sacred celebrations and very attractive rituals to see and participate.



Kutch is one of the Top best cities in India, is a city that is characterized by the stories, legends, and traditions that surround it. A very attractive place where mysticism and curiosity can come together and generate a very interesting and memorable trip.



Jaipur is one of the Top best cities in India, the beauty of Jaipur is one of the highlights when it comes to traveling to India. Filled with ancient fortresses, palaces, markets, and museums, the city combines past and present and becomes a very particular and beautiful destination to visit. There you can appreciate the magnificent culture of India and also the Mughal culture. A very interesting combination for those who travel in search of knowledge and new experiences.


Delhi is one of the Top best cities in India, skyscrapers, roads, and nightclubs combined with crowds, hundreds of small buildings and crowded streets make Delhi a city that mixes both sides of India. Erected as a cosmopolitan city, it combines a bit of antiquity with the modernity that gives it the money that moves there and the constructions and attractions that the city offers. The contrast is what stands out in this city where you can appreciate the Hindu culture and the cultural mixture of exchange with the West.

Top best cities in India


Kolkata Agra is one of the Top best cities in India, is known as the buyers’ paradise and stands as a European extension in India. History, culture and large and modern buildings are mixed and make this place an unmissable destination when traveling to the East. The Victoria Memorial, the Netaji Bhavan, the Botanical Garden and the Marble Palace are some of the most interesting points of the city and therefore the tourist centers par excellence.


Chennai is one of the Top best cities in India, is known worldwide for its ancient synagogues and for its beautiful beaches. This destination offers the tourist a lot of variety when visiting and doing activities and for this reason it is the third most visited city in India by tourists.


Mumbai is one of the Top best cities in India, it is another of the westernized cities of India. It is a place characterized by never sleeping and offering a very active nightlife. There is Bollywood and all those imitations of the worst of the West. The attraction of this city lies precisely in seeing all this range of adaptations and appreciate the cultural influence at its best.



Varanasi is one of the Top best cities in India, it can be said that Varanasi is the most exotic destination in India. Center of spiritual development and cradle of mysticism, this city is full of color, people, history and especially spirituality. In it you can find ancient temples, exotic markets and lots of culture in the streets. According to the Hindu sayings, the sector of the Ganges River that bathes Varanasi has the property of washing the sins of mortals: another of the reasons that make visiting Varanasi a great idea when traveling to India.

Top best cities in India


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