What to do in South India

By : Renu Shekhawat
What to do in South India

What to do in South India, Tourism in South India is less exploited than northern India, so a trip to South India may be a highly recommended option to visit the Indian subcontinent for the first time. South India oozes mystical sensuality in its temples and dances, and natural exuberance in its physical geography; it retains its own and ancestral culture, proud of its identity, but at the same time very permeable to other overseas foreign countries, given its historical commercial vocation; and its cuisine is the most aromatic, varied and spicy of the entire Indian subcontinent.

What to do in South India

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Backwaters: An Amphibious World

What to do in South India, this anglicism refers to a network of 9000 km² of canals, lakes and inland lagoons that run parallel to the coast of the state of Kerala and that form an amphibious world of singular beauty, a natural garden of marshes, coconut palms, rice fields and cashew plantations. Navigating the region in a canoe or in the traditional kettuvalam allows you to surprise the daily life of its inhabitants and enjoy the rural charm of its small villages with its own customs and customs. Authentic slow travel at 10 kms per hour to enjoy the amphibious world of this labyrinthine river network.

What to do in South India

Kathakali: Classical Theater of India

What to do in South India, Kathakali is the most authentic cultural manifestation of South India. It is a dramatic play with recitation and dance, with themes always linked to the great epic cycles of Ramayana and Mahabbarata (the founding text of Hinduism). The prodigious gestural movements, rich clothing and colorful makeup of the actors make up a show as unusual as bewitching to the eyes of the western traveler. Cochin, is the right city to attend a performance.

UNESCO Humanity Heritage in Tamil Nadu

What to do in South India, South India has two jewels that stand out above its varied and rich historical-artistic heritage. These are the monumental complexes of Mahabalipuram and the so-called Great Living Chola Temples, both in the state of Tamil Nadu. Admiring the bas-relief carved on a single monolithic rock from La Penitencia de Arjuna (or “Descent of the Ganges”) in Mahabalipuram is a completely joyful experience for any art lover.

What to do in South India

Madurai, the Venerable

What to do in South India, if the traveler could only visit a temple in southern India, this should be the Meenakshi temple in the venerable Madurai, as it is the essence of Indian architecture and sculpture. Almost 2,500 years of Madurai history have allowed him to accumulate the greatest treasure of sacred art of Tamil Nadu. Minakshi Temple with its twelve polychrome towers and statues of gods from the tumultuous Hindu pantheon exemplifies the essence of Indian architecture and sculpture.

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