Nellore Tourism

Nellore Tourism and Travel Guide

Nellore Tourism and Travel Guide

History of The City: Nellore NELLORE District situated in the South Eastern portion of the state with a costal length of 163 KM bounded by Bay of Bengal on the East. The district was known as VIKRAMA SIMHAPURI until 13th Century and later it came to be referred to as Nellore.

Historically the district was under the rule of mouryas, sathavahanas, pallavas, cholas, telugcholas, kakatias, pandyans etc. The great Telugu poet Tikkana Somayaji translated 15 parvas of Sanskrit Mahabharata into Telugu in Nellore.

The city derives its name from the Tamil, “nelli” which means rice, as paddy cultivation is the predominant

Nellore Tourism and Travel Guide
Nellore Tourism and Travel Guide

occupation in this region. Nellore has a long history that streches back to the 6th century A.D. Once ruled by the Pallava and Chola dynastics, Golconda vassals, Nawabs of Arcot and the Vijayanagara kings, Nellore, which was in the erstwhile Madras State, became a part of Andhra Pradesh in 1956.

Nothing certain is known of the History of Nellore before the time of the Cholas. The Neolthic age in Nellore is more abscure than the Paleolithic age. It is not clear up to what extent this district was occupied by the Dravidains.

It is supposed that Nellore was situated in Dandakaranya forests into which the Aryas first penetrated as adventurous sages with the rise of the Mouryan Empire Nellore also seems to have under its influence and was part of the Ashoka Empire in the 3rd century B.C. It was next included in the Pallava Dominion between the fourth and sixth century A. D.

Satish Dhawan Space Research Centre (SHAR) near Sullurpet has the worldwide significance of Scientific importance. Nelapattu is a beautiful Bird sanctuary where Pelicans, Flamingo, Strocks and other 20 variety of birds comes from other countries and stays from October to February, March every year. Pulicat lake is an important sight seeing place extended to about 12 Kms where storck and other birds from various countries comes in November, lays eggs, leaves the chicks there and left the place.

Beach resorts like Mypadu, Tupilipalem, Krishnapatna port, Somasila Dam and Kandaleru Dam is beautiful holidays resort. Sri Ranganayukula Swamy temple at Nellore, Sri Narasimha Swamy at Penchalakona, Kamakshi Temple at Jonnawada, Narasimha Swamy temple at Narasimhakonda, Kasumuru and AS Pet darghas area religious importance. Udayagiri Fort and Bhairavakona are historical places of importance.

Nellore How to Reach?

By Air: The nearest airport is at Chennai, 50 km from the city.

By Train: It has a railway station on the Waltair-Chennai broad gauge line.

By Road: Well connected by roads and bus services to and from all the major cities of the state.

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