Animals to see in India

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat
Animals to see in India

Animals to see in India, as an option for the favorite African safari destinations, India offers one of the best safari activities with an abundance of wildlife, some of which are unique in the National Parks and reserves of India .

Animals to see in India

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Leopards of the Snow

Animals to see in India, Snowpeaks are among the largest intangible felines in the world. They roam the stepped hills of the Himalayas and remain camouflaged in the snow with their white/light gray fur. With the help of experienced guides, you will be able to track the prey of the leopards, as well as testing the peas themselves, to track down these mysterious creatures. Did you know that: Schneeleoparden can dive up to 15 meters deep and use their tails to compensate.

Bengal tiger

Animals to see in India, The Bengal tigers are the most important species of felines in the world and the most numerous subspecies of the wild animal today. These big cats can shoot animals more than twice the size and with powerful legs and claws that will help their prey. Did you know: Each tiger is unique in the world; No two tigers have the same strips as an artificial fingerprint!

Animals to see in India
Animals to see in India


Animals to see in India, these elegant dotted deer are found throughout the Indian subcontinent, and it is a pleasure to see them graze and tethered through the national parks of India. Its name is believed to derive from the same root as the cheetah, the Sanskrit Citra, meaning “bright” or “spotted”. Did you know that: The antlers’ males reach almost one meter long!

Sloth bears

Animals to see in India, much shorter than the jungle book Disney Faultier portrayed, it usually takes 5 to 6 feet in height. These fluffy, somewhat lanky, often lonely bears are animals that live in the jungle of the Indian subcontinent. Did you know that lazy bears are mainly looking for termites and fruits at night!


Animals to see in India, similar to their African rhino equivalents, Indians have a thick gray skin and a large stature, but above all, this subspecies has only one horn before the two. The habitat of the Indian rhinoceros is limited to a specific area of ​​India. Did you know that: rhino horns are made of keratin, the same protein as hair and nails.

Animals to see in India
Animals to see in India


Animals to see in India, Indian jackals, found in some parks in India, skins from golden buff to black / brown depending on habitat. They are also found on the outskirts of towns and villages where food is found. Did you know: lonely jackals are known to form relationships with tigers, differing from their kill rests

Asian Leopard

Animals to see in India, Asian leopards are very elusive, solitary creatures seen in the National Park of India on the faces of the rock. Leopards are poachers found mainly at dawn and dusk, looking for prey such as deer and poultry. Did you know that: Indian black leopards have more rosettes of African leopards.

Animals to see in India
Animals to see in India

Life of birds

Animals to see in India, there is an abundance of birds in India, one of our favorites is the Indian Roller, impressive little birds that are part of the colorful roller family. Its brownish breasts are accented with blue and purple tip wings that stand out in their forests and meadows habitats. Did you know that: His name is derived from the acrobatic movements they make when flying.

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