Best time to visit Nepal

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Best time to visit Nepal, one of the important points that many people take into account when traveling to Nepal, is the climate and weather that they will encounter. It is an aspect to keep in mind to be well prepared especially if one is going to make some excursion through the Himalayas. However, it is not a variable that must absolutely condition our decision when undertaking the trip since the climate is always difficult to predict and does not directly influence whether or not to enjoy this beautiful country.

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Best time to visit Nepal

Nepal is a small country but with a lot of climatological variation due to its varied geography, depending on which region and the level of height in which we find ourselves. We must bear in mind that this small country hosts from tropical areas to peaks over 7,000 meters.

Best time to visit Nepal, the climate of Nepal is divided into 4 different periods. Each with its own characteristics that will make the trip to Nepal a different and unforgettable experience.

Best time to visit Nepal

January – March

Best time to visit Nepal, during the months of January to March is when temperatures are lower. In subtropical areas such as Kathmandu and Pokharase can reach 0 degrees especially at night. In mountains such as the Annapurnas and the Everest area, altitudes above 2,000 meters, you can reach low temperatures below zero. However, it is still possible to visit these regions and carry out the vast majority of trekking. During this period it is extremely important to be well equipped with warm clothing of good quality to combat the cold. Some gloves, scarf or thick socks, tights and thermal shirts will be of great help.

April – June

Best time to visit Nepal, from April to June comes spring and the country is shown with lots of plants, flowers and the green predominating all the valleys and landscapes. Although the hot weather is increasing it is one of the best moments to observe the beauty of nature.

June – September

Best time to visit Nepal, in the middle and end of June begins the monsoon season that lasts until September. The precipitations have a different behavior depending on the altitude and geographical area. The rains are more intense and abundant in the Kathmandu Valley and in the city of Pokhara and lighter in mountainous areas. Once the 3500-4000 meters are exceeded, the rains usually decrease drastically. It is also accompanied by a hot and humid climate. The rains are intermittent and the sky is usually partly cloudy. A characteristic in this period is that the valleys are overflowing with water that flows down the rivers and hundreds of waterfalls. It is essential to go well prepared with waterproof clothing and get used to the small leeches.

October – December

Best time to visit Nepal, in this period the rains end and the humidity decreases making the climate become cooler and drier. It starts in October and ends in December when temperatures are starting to drop. The clouds disappear and the sky is uncovered, clear and with the sun that illuminates all the trails offering the best time to make excursions through the different regions of trekking in Nepal.

Best time to visit Nepal

Best time to visit Nepal, finally, regardless of the time you are traveling, do not forget that Nepal is the ideal country for trekking, a land full of cultural and historical wealth and one of the destinations that offers more adventure activities. With this great variety, do not let the weather influence the decision of your trip to Nepal. Flow and enjoy the experience.

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