The favorite dishes in Delhi

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat
The favorite dishes in Delhi

The favorite dishes in Delhi, Delhi in winter is usually a very cold city and food establishments love having air-conditioned environments, either because of their facilities or because of the spiciness of their meals. The ideal excuse to take off sweaters and enjoy a good Indian dish.

The favorite dishes in Delhi

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The favorite dishes in Delhi, if you have not tried the food you can not say you’ve been to India. Indian food is, like everything in this country, extremely diverse. It can vary between states and even between one town and another.

The favorite dishes in Delhi, when you think about this fascinating country, one of the first things that comes to mind is its diversity. It is an immense country, very populated and with different customs, traditions and languages. But undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of Indian culture is its gastronomy.

The favorite dishes in Delhi

Samosas: The favorite dishes in Delhi, fried vegetables, roasted potatoes or tortillas, in Delhi you can find a wide variety of delicacies to be taken to your mouth, prepared immediately at a mobile stand. The best option to immerse yourself in the experience is in Old Delhi. Chandni Chowk or Chawri Bazaar are the best places: great presence of vegetarian food and with prominence of onion and garlic, as well as, of course, spices.

Chicken Butter: The favorite dishes in Delhi, undoubtedly one of the most representative dishes of India, it is a roasted chicken marinated with a cream made with yogurt, ginger and garlic. Then prepare a sauce with curry, ginger and lots of garlic. This dish offers a range of aromas and flavors that are really pleasing to the palate.

Kebab: The favorite dishes in Delhi, they are a kind of skewers or brochets from the Middle East, we can also find them in Asia and in Europe. There are with meat or vegetarians. In Delhi you can get some delicious and cheap kelab at theKhan Market which is one of the most popular markets in Delhi. Or in the exclusive Dum Pukht restaurant at the exclusive ITC Maurya luxury hotel.

Paratha: The favorite dishes in Delhi, this is a bread made with wheat flour in the form of an omelet in a hot satetten spread with Ghee, which is the clarified butter used in Hindu meals. It is filled with different vegetables or meats, you can spread a bit of clarified butter with spices, or a sauce made with yogurt and curry. Some people prefer to roll it up and eat it with tea and even tease it in tea. One of the traditional places to eat the best parathas is in the old part of Delhi, in the restaurant. Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk,

Sarson Ka Saag: The favorite dishes in Delhi, is a dish originating in the Punjab culture that is located in the east of Pakistan in the North of India. It is a distinctly vegetarian meal based on mustard greens and spinach and served with a piece of butter that will melt with the same heat as the dish. It can be accompanied by some chickpea flour tortillas.

The favorite dishes in Delhi

Dal Makhani: The favorite dishes in Delhi, there are many types of Dal (lentils) in India but the recipe that most people in Delhi appreciate is the Dal Makhani made with red beans and black lentils. You can eat Dal Makhali in restaurants, in fast food places, in houses or wherever you want, it is an easy dish to get and one of the most consumed by Hindus.

However, a common trait that shares the food of the whole country is the use of numerous spices to give flavor and aroma to the dishes. One of the greatest pleasures of a trip to India is undoubtedly to taste some of the local specialties in the innumerable street stalls that fill the Hindu cities.

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