Tourist Destinations in Asia

Renu Shekhawat By : Renu Shekhawat
Tourist Destinations in Asia

Tourist Destinations in Asia, there are incredible Asian tourist places that you can meet. The continent of the Far East offers you the chance to visit several countries that mix history, culture and technology. The atmosphere, the many years of history and the mystery, make this a unique continent to visit. today we bring you some countries of the Asian continent that will leave you breathless.

Tourist Destinations in Asia

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New Delhi, India

Tourist Destinations in Asia, monuments, mosques and fortresses are historical places that you can enjoy. The city has many places of interest with great architectural importance: stroll through the India Gate, where memorial is given to soldiers killed in various wars, the tomb of Humayun, precursor of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Raj Ghat or memorial of Mahatma Gandi, as well as the Lotus Temple. Pretty attractive tourist places. The cultures that make it up, the spectacular landscapes, varied food, among others, make it a true paradise.

Tourist Destinations in Asia

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tourist Destinations in Asia, this capital has some beautiful temples and fascinating sanctuaries, you can also visit villages. This place is ideal for hiking in mountains, or buy carpets admiring the crafts of local artisans.

Bali, Indonesia

Tourist Destinations in Asia, an ideal destination to get out of everyday life. The clear waters of the coast with white beaches are perfect for diving; the jungles full of hidden temples encourage you to venture and explore them. Mix nature with luxury relaxation. Best honeymoon spot!

Tourist Destinations in Asia

Tokyo Japan

Tourist Destinations in Asia, touring ancient temples is a great plan in this city, see the beautiful gardens of the Imperial Palace, go through the Edo-Tokyo Museum and of course enjoy sushi, udon noodles. Tokyo is one of the main centers of culture and history of the Japanese country.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Tourist Destinations in Asia, it is located on the central Vietnamese coast. On the 14th of each lunar month, the town is embellished with colored lanterns. Among the places are the beautiful Quan Cong Temple and the Japanese Covered Bridge.

Phuket, Thailand

Tourist Destinations in Asia, full of colorful landscapes with blue lagoons and incredible sunsets. In the south are the most popular beaches; the north is quieter. In this paradise you can snorkel, snorkel, sail, windsurf, also enter the mountain and enjoy the cliffs.

Tourist Destinations in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand

Tourist Destinations in Asia, majestic palaces, markets, squares to buy and beautiful gardens. After visiting these sites you can delight in gastronomy. Within the obligatory visits includes going to the Royal Grand Palace, the Temple Buddha of Esmeralda, the National Museum, the Suan Pakkad Palace among others.

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