Amazing trip to Delhi

By : Renu Shekhawat
Amazing trip to Delhi

Amazing trip to Delhi, New Delhi, the capital of India, and gateway to the country for many travelers who begin their adventure across this subcontinent. Perhaps it is the most radical way of knowing the country for the first time, a completely different culture shock, a reality where overpopulation and extreme poverty make a dent in even the most experienced traveler. The deafening noise of cars, horns ringing continuously, if anything is missed in New Delhi, is silence.

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Amazing trip to Delhi, however, while it is sometimes not easy to look elsewhere and see beyond poverty, scammers, traffic, and people everywhere, New Delhi offers unique moments steeped in history, beautiful Moslem and colonial architecture, and something that we personally love, its gastronomy.

Practical information: Surface area: 1483 Km²

Population: The metropolitan area has more than 25 million inhabitants, Delhi has become the fifth most populated city on the planet. In addition, at certain times of the year, traffic, burning garbage to warm up in winter and agricultural land around the city, make it an extremely polluted city in which it is difficult to breathe.

Amazing trip to Delhi

Official languages: Hindu. Although English is not an official language, many of its inhabitants speak it, thanks in part to its British past.

Time zone: UTC +5: 30. 3:30 p.m. (daylight saving time) and 4:30 p.m. (winter time)

Currency: Rupee (Rs.). 1 € costs approximately 69 Rs.


Best time to travel: The climate of India is divided into three seasons, the warm, the cold and the monsoon. The cold season is, therefore, the best to visit New Delhi and goes from November to February. It is convenient to avoid the month of June because of its excessive heat, being able to reach temperatures up to 45º. Enjoy your Amazing trip to Delhi.

Plug type: The common voltage is 230 V and the types of plugs for plugs are type C, D and M.

When you got to New Delhi airport it will be most probably dark, and at the door, with the typical sign with your surnames, your driver will be waiting for you to take you with safety because India’s Invitation says ” Travel with us because we care”. At that time, arriving in a country you did not know, and with more reason to India, you did not want to try to reach the center on your own. Let’s take it to Amazing trip to Delhi.

Amazing trip to Delhi


You will find immediately the enormous chaos that everyone had told you about. 5 cars passing at the same time by 3-lane freeways, horn sounding as if there was no tomorrow, which means something as well as step aside that you pass … this tests the patience of any driver. An hour and a half later, you finally arrive your Hotel which was already booked by your travel agency India’s Invitation. It’s was time to rest and gather strength to leave the next day to meet with much energy. Have fun at your Amazing trip to Delhi.


Now you have two days to get to know the city best driver of India’s Invitation will stay with you. So from the first moment, try to squeeze your stay to the maximum. Entering the heart of Delhi, touring the city on foot or by rickshaw, and looking for the main points of interest. Would you like to come back for this Amazing trip to Delhi?

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