Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi

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Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Delhi: Hey! The capital of India, Delhi is known as the hub of delicious cuisine but it’s a bit tricky to choose which fine dining restaurant one shall go. So, let’s just make it easy for you foodies to choose the best fine dining to fill your craving buds.

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Dum Pukht: Dum Phukt is the luxury fine dining of ITC Maurya, New Delhi. Dum Pukht means cooking the meat or different vegetables in a covered handi on a low flame to get the best flavor of the food. It is the technique which was utilized as a part of the Awadh time. This notable and award-winning restaurant allures you to share the best experience of cuisines from the Awadh time kitchen. The famous cuisines are Dum Pukht Biryani, Kakori Kebab, Dudiya Kebab, Shahi Nehari. The Royal decor of the restaurant makes the people encounter about the Awadh time.

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Bukhara: Bukhara a luxury dining of ITC Maurya is just next door to Dum Pukht. It was rooted on 1977. Bukhara serves its best kebabs cuisines in clay tiles and a bare wood, without cutlery. The menu consists of Dal Bukhara, Sikandari Raan, Burrah Kebab, Tandoori Jhinga, Murg Malai Kebab. This menu is maintained from last 35 years. The restaurant was voted in the best Asian restaurants.

Moti Mahal: Moti Mahal restaurant was established just after India’s independence in 1947 at Daryaganj. The first restaurant to introduce tandoori cuisine, butter chicken and burra kebabs in our nation. It has around 120 franchise in India and all over the world. It is an incredible place to test these North Indian rarities, and it has stayed in its unique premises with an interior yard and a straightforward, credible atmosphere. You can enjoy your favorite fine dining cuisine with your family and dear ones.

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Karim’s: Karim’s one of the oldest restaurants in the Old Delhi. It is situated near Jama Masjid and was established by Haziz Karimuddin in 1913 with the aim of earning fame and money by serving Royal cuisine of the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Emperor to the common people. Now, Karim’s have its various branches in Delhi as well as in all over India. In any case remains the top goal for serving it’s famous – Mutton Burra Kebabs and delicious Tandoori Chicken. It also serves different cuisines which are worth try. A most loved with local people and sightseers or tourists. The Karim’s is best fine dining restaurants in Delhi.

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Indian Accent: Indian Accent restaurant located in Manor Hotel of Delhi. The chef Manish Mehrotra blend local food with contemporary international cuisine to give it a new different dish. The whole menu is having some different combination of cuisines which fills your taste buds and heart. This restaurant is awarded many titles. The main cuisines are – North Indian strength galawat mutton kebab with Foie gras and serving it with strawberry and green stew chutney. Another most loved from the menu is delicate shell crab with broiled coconut and tomato pickle and much more.

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Spice Route: Spice Route restaurant is in The Imperial. It has been intended to mirror the excursion of spices from the Malabar Coast in Kerala through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indonesia to Thailand and Vietnam, set up together on the planet well-known menu made by the President’s Awardee Thai national Chef Veena Arora. The Spice Route is a compositional wonder that offers an exceptional feasting background in an unmistakably delightful setting. The main cuisine – Thai-style lobster blend browned with ginger and mushrooms, and vermicelli payasam with cashew nuts and raisins.

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Park Balluchi: Park Balluchi’s Hauz Khas Village premises is situated amidst Deer Park, with the scenery of wildlife and nature from the glass-walled of the restaurant. Balluchi’s menu highlights an extensive variety of valid Mughlai and Afghan grill dishes, for example, murg potli – minced sheep wrapped in marinated chicken bosom – and barbecued chicken marinated in saffron. For veggie lovers, there is mewa paneer tukra: a detailed dish of paneer loaded down with nuts, dates and raisins. This is the best fine dining restaurant in Delhi.

Varq:  A fine dining luxury restaurant situated in The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The restaurant ambiance is very beautiful and attractive with the royal touch. Varq serve the cuisines with the moderation of Indian Street food with the with modern experimentation. Gourmet specialist Hemant Oberoi’s main twits are syrupy jalebi presented with silver leaf and pistachio dip, ganderi chicken kebabs pierced on sugarcane, and atta raan: roast leg of lamb in a saffron mixture shell.

These are the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi which you can try to visit once to have the delicious touch of Mughal and contemporary cuisines.

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