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Ajmer Tourism and Travel Guide: 

History of Ajmer: Founded by Ajai Pal Chauhan, the city of Ajmer derives its name from Ajaimeru. A stronghold of the of the Chauhan clan till 1193 AD, Ajmer fell under the Mughal rule when Mohammed Ghouri took over the city from Prithviraj Chauhan. Since then Ajmer became home to many dynasties, which came and left leaving behind indelible marks of their culture and traditions on the city’s history, converting it to an amalgam of various cultures and a blend of Hinduism and Islam. Later, Ajmer fell under the British occupation and remained a focal point from where British Chief Commissioner for Rajputana kept a watch on all the Rajput kingdoms. It finally merged with India upon its independence from the British rule.

Climate: Ajmer weather is a typical desert type. In the summer time, the climate of Ajmer is very hot and in winters, it is quite cool. Both in summers as well as in winters, there is

Ajmer Tourism
Ajmer Tourism

a wide difference in the day and night temperature. Regarding the average temperature in summers (from April to June), the maximum is around 45° C. The winters in Ajmer stretch from November to February. The winters of Ajmer are quite chilly. In the monsoon season, the first rain covers the city in green. All the small mountains of the city start becoming green with the first drop of rain. The climatic conditions of Ajmer, Rajasthan are the best during the period of October to March, making it the ideal time to visit the city.

How to Reach Ajmer by Air: The nearest airport is Jaipur.

How to Reach Ajmer by Road: Ajmer can be easily reached by road from both Jaipur and Delhi. It is a nine-hour road-trip from Delhi to Ajmer.

How to Reach Ajmer by Rail:Ajmer is located on the main Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai line. Most of the trains on this route stop at Ajmer. There is a daily Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Ajmer.

Shopping in Ajmer: Shopping in Ajmer is an enjoyable experience. Ajmer is known for antiques, curios, fascinating gold and silver jewelry in contemporary designs, bandhini (colorful tie-and-dye sarees) and embroidered jodhpuri ‘Jutis’ (shoes). Ittar, a special form of local perfume is sold in small and large packs all over Ajmer and is a specialty that one can carry home form Ajmer.

Ajmer The annual Urs Fair is the time one can buy the colorful creations of traditional folk artisans of Ajmer.Colorful clothes and products from Tilonia village and miniature paintings from Kishangarh and a range of wood crafted products are available during the festival The annual Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela in Ajmer is another time when you can buy typical and popular items of Rajasthan like brass utensils, bangles, woodcrafts, silver souvenirs, leather belts, hand embroidered cloth bags and unlimited home décor items.

Shopping tours to Ajmer will leave you with a splendorous hangover that you aren’t likely to get over very soon.

Enjoy an interesting shopping spree as you tour the bazaars and street stalls in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Buy local crafts, gold and silver jewelry, bandhini textiles and hand embroidered shoes or mojari’s on your captivating shopping tours to the markets and shopping districts of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Famous for handloom and block printed textiles; Ajmer is a great place to enjoy shopping tours to. Brass utensils, bangles, woodcrafts, silver souvenirs, leather belts, hand embroidered cloth bags and unlimited home décor items tempt you on your shopping tours to Ajmer with Rajasthan Holiday.

Ittar, a special form of local perfume is sold in small and large packs all over Ajmer, Rajasthan. In fact Ittar is a local

Ajmer Tourism
Ajmer Tourism

specialty. The joy of shopping tours to Ajmer increases manifold if you happen to be in this holy town during the annual Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela.

Shopping in Ajmer during the 6-day Urs celebration is the ultimate experience. Buy multi-hued clothes, leather products from the Tilonia village and miniature paintings from Kishangarh apart from a profusion of wood carved products on your shopping tours to Ajmer, Rajasthan.

AjmerThe Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela is an annual crafts gala that is held in Ajmer every year. Celebrate ethnicity and color as you tour the Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela on your Ajmer tours with Rajasthan Holiday.

See a vibrant pageantry of colors, handicrafts and cultural expressions as you tour the Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela held in Ajmer during the month of January every year.

An explosion of traditional crafts such as hand embroidered leather bags, leather belts, mojaris or local shoes, miniature paintings, exquisitely carved wood items and more inundate you on your shopping tours to the Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela.

The Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela in Ajmer is a concerted attempt by the Rajasthan state tourism department and Ajmer Zila Laghu Udyog Sangh to showcase and promote the brilliant colors of Rajasthan handicrafts. The idea is to promote small scale industries and offer a platform to local artistes for exhibiting their talent.

Shop for hand printed textiles, embroidered leather goods, hand made items of home décor and much more as you pamper yourself in a culturally vibrant ambience that scintillates with traditional Ajmer customs at the Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Watch ladies and local women participate in rangoli, painting and henna application competitions and discover a multi-hued world of cultural extravaganza as you tour the Ajaymeru Udyog Crafts Mela in Ajmer.

AjmerCuisine: Honeydew Restaurant, next to Nagpal Tourist Hotel, has a good selection of veg and nonveg Indian, Chinese and continental food. There are pizzas (Rs 45 to 60), or you could try to brain pakoras (Rs 40 ). The Banana lassi (Rs 20) is refreshing. You can cat indoors or out in the garden. There is a good range of ice creams and you can even take away a brick of butterscotch’ for Rs 115

Tandoor Restaurant, a little out of town on Jaipur Rd, offers Indian veg and nonveg fare: a tandoori Chikhan cost Rs 90.

Sheesh Mahal, at Man Singh Palace, is worth considering for a minor splurge. It serves Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine including chicken tikka masala (Rs 160). Occasional buffets cost Rs 200(Breakfast) or Rs 400 (lunch or dinner).

Madina hotel, is handy if you’re waiting for a train (the station is opposite). This simple eatery has cheap veg and nonveg fare.

Galaxy Restaurant, a few doors up from the Haveli Heritage Inn has a small menu but what they do they do well. There’s a nice (air-con) ambience, a half chicken makhanwala (butter chicken) costs Rs 80.

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